Inspections & National Reports

Care Inspection reports

You can view all our information and latest Care Inspection report on the Care Inspectorate website or click on the image. We were pleased to receive a very positive report for our first inspection and look forward to building on this next time around. The report captured many of the areas where we have place a real priority since opening, and highlighted our positive culture and the quality the care and learning we provide through the outdoors.

Education Scotland – National Thematic Report (2021)

In 2021 Education Scotland undertook ‘thematic inspections’ across 7 areas of education and learning. FossoPLAY were inspected as part of the thematic area; Successful Approaches to Learning Outdoors. We were very pleased to be selected as a good practice example and included as a case study within the final report. You can view the full report here

Children’s Parliament – “Learning for Sustainability” Report

Commissioned by the Scottish Government, The Children’s Parliament were asked to consult with children and young people, across Scotland, to get their views on the Sustainability for Learning National Guidance document and what its implementation looks like within our national education system. Our play experts (and now official MCPs (Members of the Children Parliament)) were very happy to provided their thoughts and feeling about sustainability and the world around them. You can view the full ‘adults’ report here. However, as always, the Children’s Parliament have have placed the children at the centre of their work and created a range of report and interactive resources on their website. Well worth a look for anyone interested in children’s views on sustainability and the future of their planet!

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