Fees & Enrolment


You can enroll your child at any point during the year, using out Nursery Registration form.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the enrolment process. you can found our contact details on our Contact us page.

Enrolment Visit

Before your child attends the nursery, you will be invited for a visit so you and your child can meet our staff and see the setting for yourself.  During the visit we will make sure you are happy with the outdoor space, and discuss arrangements to support your child’s transition into the nursery.

PLEASE NOTE: there is a two-day per week minimum attendance requirement. This can be any two days (subject to availability). This is to ensure fair access for all users and to support continuity for the child and staff relationships within the nursery. 



Half Day


Full Day


Extra Hour


Additional hours are subject to staffing
Enrolment Admin Fee*


This is a one-off fee at the point of enrolment

Fees are paid one month in advance via Direct Debit or Standing order.


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