About us

FossoPLAY is a brand new outdoor nursery for children aged 3 – 7 years old. We are based near the Crook of Devon, in Perth & Kinross, and operate from our 70 acre estate.

Our aim is to provide nurturing and inspiring experiences for children through play and the use of our rich outdoor environment.

The idea for FossoPLAY started because we believe passionately that children should have the chance to play freely in the outdoors, to discover the wonders of nature and enjoy the benefits of the physical and challenging environment. As parents of two young children ourselves we wanted to be able to give our own children a nursery experience that was right for them. Sadly our own two are now to old to benefit from FossoPLAY but we feel proud that we are developing something that, hopefully, hundreds of other little play experts will get to enjoy.

You can find out about our founders on the Our People page and read more about Chris’s motivation for setting up FossoPLAY in our first ever Blog post- “Great oaks from little acorns grow”.

Thanks for taking the time to read our little story.

Best wishes, Chris & Karen.

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